2nd Open Meeting

St.Andrew’s Church Hall Kirkella

Thursday 21 April 2005.



The second Support Group Open Meeting was held at St.Andrew’s Church Hall Kirkella on Thursday 21 April 2005. The Meeting was opened by the Support Group Chairman, Terry Walton, who reported on the activities and progress to date, with special reference to the lobbying of Primary Care Trusts (P.C.T’s) and local Members of Parliament, with a view to obtaining increased funding for CPAP machines. Most had responded and the replies were promising.


We were pleased to welcome Brian Spires, Chairman of the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association ( SATA) who explained the activities of the Association and the high profile contribution it makes to the lobbying on behalf of Sleep Apnoea sufferers with the central policy makers in London.

A presentation was given by a representative of the ResMed Company which covered some of the studies made into the relationship of High Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnoea. Although a medically complicated subject it was presented in a way that most present found very informative and thought provoking.

View of Meeting


The always popular Question & Answer session was held, chaired by Consultant Dr Greenstone with Sheran Crabbe (Lung Function Unit), Brain Spires ( SATA) and the ResMed representative.

The Website was on display, as well as a number of CPAP machine manufacturers’ displays. The new much smaller sized ResMed “S8 Escape“machine was on view and one lucky person won a donated machine by ResMed on the Raffle.

Our special thanks to Dr Greenstone and the Staff of the Lung Function Dept. Castle Hill Hospital, Brian Spires (SATA), ResMed and the other CPAP machine suppliers who attended